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Hey friend, first off know I am proud of you. If you are looking for healing you came to the right place as that is what inspired my entire journey and passion. Mental health is unique but also treatment can be for anyone so know you are not alone on this journey. I like to focus on understanding my diagnosis and sharing what I can on mental health in general. Know that I have been alone, made fun of and forgotten. I've hit my lowest and somehow found my way back again. It began small with baby steps and trying new habits while unlearning old patterns. It's choosing daily to show up and love yourself through the hard days. Mind body soul connection is what I want to bring to my following and am so passionate about!

I grew up in a small town in Maine. Married my best friend at 17 and started traveling in the military with him. We enjoyed just us for a year and decided to begin building the family we always dreamed of. Our first daughter was born in Okinawa Japan, Our second daughter was a Rainbow baby that we had in Dayton OH and lastly our third and final daughter was born here in Maine. We didn't get to ten kids because of complications and high risk pregnancies ALSO cost of living rising lol but I am thankful we had the kiddos we did. We have two chihuahuas that came from Japan as well and 3 kitty’s including a transgender cat. Lastly we have two mice that we love and when I am not working in social media or running the crystal shop I am with them. My family has grown with me and I am so thankful for them.

I felt so alone when I was diagnosed so I began “healing loudly”. Instead of hiding I began starting to make and hold boundaries, I no longer hid my trauma, I got a therapist and treatment. I showed up for myself and a community began to follow. So here we are healing together and being accountable for one another. Again I am so proud of you.

With love, Jasmine

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